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Caring with a Click of a Mouse

calvary-logoI am remembering from my last blog entry the quote by Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams when she said, “I don’t care where you volunteer. Just be passionate about something and then get off of your butts and do something about it.” Well, with the help of the internet, there are times when one can help, be passionate about , raise awareness and even raise money for something you care about without having to raise your butt. Just keep your butt glued to the couch with your laptop on your thighs “and do something about it.”

A friend of mine who is the executive director of Calvary Women’s Services in the Washington DC area needs your help. This nonprofit organization provides housing and support services to homeless women. In these difficult economic times, more and more people are losing their jobs and their homes. At a time when nonprofits such as this is desperately needed, they also face a challenging financial future. So please check out Calvary Women’s Services, and if so inclined vote for them here, so that they may be awared $5000 to continue the good and important work that they do.

Here is a note from their executive director, Kris Thompson.

As you know, I work at Calvary Women’s Services.  It’s a great organization that really does make a difference for homeless women in this community.

Calvary is also 1 of 10 local organizations that just received a $10,000 Leadership Award from the Washington Area Women’s Foundation.  We need your help to win an additional $5,000.

From March 17 to March 27, the public will vote to decide which of the 10 organizations will receive a $5,000 grant.  At Calvary, $5,000 makes a big difference.  It can:

•  Purchase 6 months worth of food for the dinner and breakfast programs
•  Support 2 months of Life Skills education programs
•  Provide 22 women with a year’s worth of mental health services
•  Run all three of Calvary’s housing programs for 2 full days!

Please vote now.  And tell your family, friends and co-workers to vote, too.
With one click you can change women’s lives!

In these challenging times, Calvary’s services are needed more than ever.  With so many people out of work, losing their homes and seeking services, Calvary’s 25 years’ experience of successfully helping women recover their independence is greatly needed.

Thank you for your support – it means a lot to me!

Kris Thompson
Executive Director
Calvary Women’s Services