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Can one be a women’s rights activist and not agree with women’s ordination? Read this comment and it stunned me

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Just been reading this article “Southern California Conference Executive Committee Responds to Doug Batchelor” (one of it’s pastors). This Seventh Day Adventist conference responds to Batchelor’s presentation at a local church denouncing the ordination of women. In reading the comments, one of them hit me. It was from a woman who agrees with Batchelor and who states “Please stop brainwashing with the stupid idea that every Adventist women must agree with women’s ordination. I can show you the first 100 Adventist women in Southern California who are women’s right activists which also stongly disagree with women ordination..” This is the first time ever that I heard the statements “women’s activists” and “strongly disagree with women’s ordination” put together. Anyone else?


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