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Can one be a women’s rights activist and not agree with women’s ordination? Read this comment and it stunned me

Just been reading this article “Southern California Conference Executive Committee Responds to Doug Batchelor” (one of it’s pastors). This Seventh Day Adventist conference responds to Batchelor’s presentation at a local church denouncing the ordination of women. In reading the comments, one of them hit me. It was from a woman who agrees with Batchelor and who states “Please stop brainwashing with the stupid idea that every Adventist women must agree with women’s ordination. I can show you the first 100 Adventist women in Southern California who are women’s right activists which also stongly disagree with women ordination..” This is the first time ever that I heard the statements “women’s activists” and “strongly disagree with women’s ordination” put together. Anyone else?


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